Issues configuring the Sharepoint widget for Communities

On a recent deployment of HCL Connections I struggled getting the SharePoint widget to work. I was getting access denied errors from SharePoint resulting in this in the UI

I did follow the documentation and had validated all settings both in Azure and widget-config.xml

I soon figured out the issue had to be in the widget-config.xml and was related to the tenant setting. The customer had given me their tenant name initially, a custom URL, but I had also asked their *.onmicrosoft tenant name. They gave me one, but that one did not work either.

Thanks to support for sharing this url
As that describes the correct way to get the right onmicrosoft url for the tenant, seems there can be multiple.

If you have global admin rights, the first method will work, but in my case I did not and wanted to validate for myself, the third method works as an end user

  1. Log in to your Microsoft 365.
  2. Click on the SharePoint Online app in the Microsoft 365 app launcher (square in the top left corner of your screen).
  3. Your browser URL will look like this
  4. You can add to the tenantname above and it will be your full Microsoft 365 tenant name.

After that, all worked fine. Couple of days lost because of the mysterious ways of o365 security.

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